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Technical advice
With over 8 years experience of organic certification both as a certification officer with Organic Farmers & Growers, a technical development officer with the Soil Association and an independent advisor and organic inspector. Martin is well placed to help you with all areas of compliance with the organic standards, be it on an ongoing basis or as a one off visit to ensure all is in order prior to your annual inspection.
Organic legislation
Working with certification bodies we have a total understanding of the organic standards from overarching European standard to individual certification bodies interpretation of these standards.
Market development
Whilst working with the Soil Association Martin worked with farmers, growers and processors to develop robust, reliable, economically viable supply chains that ensured that local organic produce reached the market at the best premium possible.
Grant applications
Having been involved with the original development of the Organic Entry Level Scheme in 2004 Martin has a full understanding of why the scheme was developed and a background to the options that came into place. This has placed him in an excellent position to offer a concise efficient service to farmers who wish to enter the scheme. As the Organic Scheme is the organic variant of the Entry Level Scheme Martin also has experience and a track record in developing successful applications on behalf of his clients. He works with them to ensure that the most suitable options are selected to ensure the best returns with the minimum of impact on the day to day farming activity on the unit involved.
Soil Sampling
Martin has been FACTS registesterd for over 4 years and has experience of developing fertilizer management plans for both organic and non organic farms. From taking the soil samples sending them for analysis at the labitories of NRM to full appropriate interpretation Davies Organic Consultancy can offer a complete cost effective package that will ensure that you get the best from the soil on your farm.
Cropping plans
We can work with you to develop the most appropriate ongoing rotations for your farm, balancing your business needs to the suitability of your farm to growing the corps required.
Cash flows and business management
Having gained a post graduate in agricultural business management at Seale-Hayne agricultural college Martin has a proven background in developing both business plans and cash flows for management purposes.
Market pricing
Your understanding of and approach to market pricing is integral to your success in the organic sector. Get it wrong and the financial stability of your business is compromised; get it right and your farm will go from strength to strength. Davies Organic Consultancy has a valuable network of industry sources allowing us to provide expert advice on market conditions, giving you the information you need to make the right decisions when you sell. We will work with you to create a robust pricing strategy, enabling you to build a strong position within the market and maximising the potential returns from your produce.
Record keeping
Keeping accurate records is essential in maintaining organic compliance; it is also time consuming and one of the least interesting aspects of farming. Davies Organic Consultancy has developed accessible, user friendly and efficient software for record keeping, making the procedure faster and easier.
Approved by OF&G and the Soil Association, the system creates instant records that demonstrate compliance and can be submitted during the inspection process.
For more information or to purchase the software, contact us.

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