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Despite the main focus of this site being organic farming at Davies Organic Consultancy we feel there is a huge cross over of both technical information and farming practices that will benefit both organic and non organic farmers.

We aim to help non organic farmers profit from using some of the whole farm solutions that have been developed by the countries leading organic farmers, be it rotational planning, weed, pest and disease control solutions or whole farm nutrient budgeting.

All of these techniques will help you comply with both cross compliance and the new NVZ regulations. Of course our understanding of environmental schemes mean that we are ideally placed to assist you to gain successful entry into the Entry Level Scheme.

Organic Entry Level Stewardship scheme (OELS)

Are you missing out on valuable farm payments simply because you donít know what youíre entitled to?
While both conventional and organic farms may be eligible for environmental stewardship grant aid, the payments available for organic management are significantly higher. Introduced in 2005, the Organic Entry Level Stewardship scheme consists of a two tiered grant aid payment system for organic farmers.

The OELS payments can make all the difference in ensuring the success of your organic conversion, providing valuable financial help throughout the conversion process and onwards as you continue to operate a fully organic farm. Many farmers miss out on some of the payments to which they are entitled because they lack the time to complete the complex application forms or because they are unaware of the management options that qualify for payment.

While the OELS payment is given in recognition of a farmís organic accreditation, it must be earned via a point system that rewards a variety of environmental management options covering, among others, field margins, woodland, field, and historic and landscape features management. To benefit fully from the OELS grant aid available requires careful planning and a thorough understanding of the legislation, both of which can prove time consuming.

Our OELS management service will save you time and money, building your application quickly and efficiently to ensure you receive the maximum grant aid. With Davies Organic Consultancy working with you at this vital stage, your business will be in the best position to maximise the potential of organic farming.

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